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Manuel Cortes to call for solidarity to beat the Tories at Labour Rally in Glasgow

6 December 2019

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes will hit the election campaign trail in Scotland this weekend where he will implore former Labour voters to help their trades union colleagues south of the border defeat Tory Britain on Thursday.

Cortes, an ardent campaigner to remain in the European Union recognises that many potential Scottish Labour voters have been disappointed that Labour was a late comer to a popular vote on any European deal with Remain as an option.

Cortes will be speaking with Shadow Chancellor John McDonald at a rally in Glasgow on Saturday and campaigning with Westminster Labour candidates in Glasgow, Midlothian, and Linlithgow and Falkirk this weekend.

The audience in Glasgow is expected to hear him say, "This Westminster general election has become bigger than Brexit. It is a chance, a once in a generation chance, for all of us across the four corners of Britain to come together to defeat the Tories at Westminster and usher in a new deal for working people"

"To get the funding Holyrood needs to reboot our Health Service in Scotland, properly fund our kids schools and the quality public services in Scotland we all deserve, we need to elect a Labour Government. A hung parliament which can't pass legislation is of little use to the children in Scotland who do not have enough teachers, the hospital patient that has no nurse or the Highlands surgery that has no GP and absolutely useless, for those having to use food banks.

"There are many SNP MPs and voters who say that if they lived South of the border they would be in the Labour Party, or they would be voting Labour. I get that you have a choice in Scotland. But as the General Secretary of a transport union, I'd like to ask you to think of this Westminster election as a more like a public transport journey than a wedding proposal. You are not choosing "the one" with your vote on Thursday.

"You are choosing a party that gets you to the nearest destination to where you want to go. Labour is the only party in Westminster capable of delivering a new deal for working people across every community in Britain. Forget arguments for now about Brexit. This Thursday make it a referendum on Tory Britain and soon an incoming Labour government will give you the final say over Brexit.

Vote with some good old fashioned Scottish solidarity with your sisters and brothers south of the border and in Wales too. Scotland has a proud history of solidarity with working class people of other nations as we saw in the recent film Nae Pasaran. This Thursday vote with that spirit, show solidarity with working people across the four corners of Britain, help put in place a Labour government that will govern for the many - not the few."

Cortes will speak at Labour’s Rally for Real Change with John McDonnell at Strathclyde University, Technology and Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD. Arrival is 4.30pm for 5pm start.

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