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Manuel Cortes voted TSSA General Secretary for a second term

1 December 2016

TSSA is pleased to announce Manuel Cortes has been returned for a second term as TSSA General Secretary with almost 66% of the vote.

The result has just been published by the Electoral Reform Services who conducted the leadership contest.

Said Manuel Cortes:

"It is obviously an immense privilege and, it will always be an abiding honour, to have been elected General Secretary of our union for a second time.

“There is much work to be done alongside our members across the transport and travel industries in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who continue to face attacks on their jobs, wages, pensions, well-being and safety at work. Sadly, the Tories will go to any lengths to make working people pay a heavy price for their Brexit mess which is already having adverse effects on our members across Britain and Ireland. On my watch, our union will always be ready to fight extremely hard for our members interests".

"No matter which country our members find themselves in and, irrespective of the political hue of their government, whilst the provision of public transport remains dominated by free-market dogma, then many tough fights for our union lie ahead. Let's face it, a system that continues to prioritise the extraction of profits rather than their re-investment to improve customer transport services and industry safety means that our members continue to need - and deserve - a strong campaigning union. I am completely committed to continuing to deliver this over the next 5 years and to winning even wider support, for public ownership of all modes of public transport".

"I warmly thank all TSSA members who voted for me. I thank you for your faith in my continued leadership and for endorsing my vision for our union as a strong, campaigning organisation willing to speak truth to power, prepared to do the right thing and to go the extra mile, when it comes to defending the specific needs of our varied and specialist membership across the transport and travel industries".

"I'd also like to thank our members who turned out over the last few months at hustings and brought with them their many ideas for our future. Having put our union on a strong financial footing, now is the time to consolidate by directing our resources into making our union grow. I hope you will see many of the ideas you have brought to the hustings come to fruition over the next few months and years as we come together and move forward.

“Next year, 2017, marks our union's 120th anniversary. Let's commemorate the year of our founding by making 2017 the year in which we rededicate ourselves to making union regrow. And, in solidarity let's build an even stronger, campaigning transport and travel union that really will deliver a better, fairer, 21st century, working-world for every single member of our TSSA family."

The ERS notice can be viewed here:   TSSA GS notice from ERS 2016


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