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Meet LGBT+ role model: Dave

11 February 2021

It's LGBT+ History Month and TSSA is excited to launch the first in a new series of TSSA LGBT+ role model posters. Take a look here!

Role model posters are a key element in TSSA’s Inclusive Rail campaign which aims to make the railway inclusive of LGBT+ people by 2025. The new series of posters follow on the heels of the hugely successful first set, which are displayed in many transport workplaces across the UK.

The 2021 posters all feature a ‘Proud’ side about TSSA members’ connection to the union as an LGBT+ person, and they feature a ‘Challenge’ side to challenge stereotypes about LGBT+ people.

First to be released in the new series is a poster featuring TSSA Equality Rep and LGBT+ role model, Dave. Dave works for train operator Southeastern and he challenges the “stereotypes of a gay man” alongside his pride for the TSSA’s campaigning on LGBT+ rights and partnership with Stonewall.

Role Model Poster Dave Southeastern Challenge


Role Model Poster Dave Southeastern Proud

Speaking about his involvement in a crucial part of TSSA’s campaign, Dave said:

Being a TSSA role model means a lot to me and by featuring on a poster I feel that I am sending out the message that everyone should be treated equally irrespective of differences, like sexuality. I hope that when people see my poster, they will be reminded of how important it is to challenge stereotypes and progress equality for everyone. I would be happy if it creates conversations about LGBT+ inclusion or enables someone to be out in their workplace.

If you have been inspired by Dave’s bravery in putting himself forward as a visible LGBT+ role model and want to get more involved in TSSA’s Inclusive Rail campaign, or to request posters for your workplace and learn more about how we are celebrating LGBT+ History Month this year, visit our dedicated page:

Commenting on the launch of the latest Inclusive Rail role model posters, TSSA’s Organising Director, Nadine Rae, explained: “People often have fixed ideas about who works for our railway and what they are like. We recognised the lack of provision for LGBT+ people and designed a campaign that would change the industry for our members. Our LGBT+ members are breaking stereotypes and being role models for all rail professionals, enabling others to be their authentic selves at work.”

You can complete the TSSA Equality Survey 2021 here:

Watch this space – and TSSA’s social media accounts – for the next in the series of role model posters coming up this month.


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