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More trains cancelled as TSSA Industrial Action enters second weekend

31 August 2019

Seven return trains from Edinburgh to Glasgow have been cancelled today (Saturday) due to the second weekend of TSSA industrial action. One single train from Edinburgh to Glasgow has also been cancelled as well as trains due to run to Millerhill and Haymarket depots.

TSSA members in the Driver Team Manager (DTM) grade are working to rule in a dispute over who drives trains.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said, “Our members are rightly aggrieved. ScotRail have acted like arrogant bully boys trying to force a change in job description on our members. But they underestimated our members’ determination to stand up for themselves.

“This is a dispute ScotRail made for themselves. If they’d engaged in reasonable consultation with us, like we asked, we would not be in dispute now. And of course, if they’d recruited enough train drivers in the first place rather than relying on overtime and bully boy tactics there wouldn’t be a problem.

“We are available to talk to ScotRail any time, any place, anywhere – so long as they are willing to guarantee that they won’t order DTMs to drive trains. Otherwise they can expect to see more disruption to trains.”

Notes to Editors

ScotRail management attempted to impose a change to DTM jobs in July, obliging them to drive up to 3 drivers’ shifts a week in addition to their normal job roles without consultation with their recognised trade union, the TSSA.
DTMs normally work 37 hours a week over 5 shifts. Drivers work 4 shifts of 12 hours. If the DTMs were to cover 3 drivers shifts a week they would have inadequate time to carry out their own duties, which would be detrimental to the running of the railway as a whole
DTM normal duties include training drivers. If they were to lose 3 shifts a week to driving trains this would hamper their ability to train the new drivers ScotRail has recruited.


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