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Network Rail Area Representatives Elections - Get Involved in Your Union in Network Rail

3 November 2016

From November 2016 we will be holding elections of our Route and Central Area Councils commencing with Bands 1-4 and Controllers. We encourage TSSA members to consider standing for these positions. Find out more information here.


Taking on an Area Reps role is fully supported by Network Rail....

“People should come forward and get more involved in their union…Our people have the right to be union reps and we support them, including having time-off for union duties. If anyone has any concerns or issues about our support for their union duties, they can come to me personally”

Ian Iceton, HR Director

The full timetable for nominations to become an Area Council representative is as follows:

Management Grades Collective Bargaining (Bands 1-4 & Controllers)

Commencing 7thNovember 2016 closing Friday 9thDecember 2016

Download our members newsletter here

Health & safety Area Councils

Commencing early 2017

General Collective Bargaining Grade – (Maintenance/Operations & Customer Service Bands 5-8 & Equivalent)

Commencing Spring 2017

(The election of Area Council representatives is for a period of three years. Should more than one TSSA member nominate for the same Area Council role then an election will take place of eligible members within a four week period of the nominations closing date with the exception of B1-4 grades which will take place January 2017)

The Elections of Network Rail Area Reps is just a part of our NR Growth Project that seeks to grow our union in size and strength as part of Our Time to Grow Strategy

For more information please follow the links below to find out more about what our Reps do, what we acheive for our members in Network Rail and how you can get involved.

TSSA Network Rail Front Page

What does a TSSA Area Rep do?

What do we Achieve for our members, see our news pages?

You can find out find what your Area constituency is by speaking to your current rep, logging into My TSSA or contacting TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 328 2673.

If you are interested in getting involved you can seek nomination to become a TSSA Area Rep here

Election Leaflet front page

Click above to download and share a copy of our Elections Leaflet.

Do get involved, and encourage your colleagues to join so that we can grow a bigger, better and stronger Union.

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