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Network Rail Bands 1-4 On Call Working - Action Short of Strike to commence Wednesday 24th August

17 August 2016

Following our ballot of Bands 1-4 our members who undertake On Call duties, voted by a margin of over 77% to undertake Action Short of a Strike. This will commence from Wednesday 24th August 2016.


This is in response to our rejection of the current offer (which you can view at and our subsequent dispute with the company as mandated by our members.

Members who have been balloted are therefore instructed to withdraw from On Call duties on a continuous basis commencing from 00:01hrs on Wednesday 24th August 2016.

We have yet to enter into any discussion with the company in order to seek a resolution to this dispute but we have made it clear that we are willing to engage if they wish to do so.

Please speak to your Rep or contact TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 if you have any queries.

You can view a copy of our On Call - Action Short of Strike newsletter here   On Call Newsletter Action Short of a Strike 

Important Information

Who is in scope of this dispute?

· Bands 1-4 Role Clarity Grades who undertake On Call Duties with the exception of those below.

Who is NOT in Scope of this dispute?

· Members in Group Business Services (GBS) or Infrastructure Projects (IP) who have other arrangements for On Call Payments.

· Members in B1-4 whom receive Operational Allowances, for example Local Operations Managers, Control Staff or Route Control Managers.

· Ex IMC staff who have other contractual arrangements for On Call Working.

· Ghost Banded roles.

What do I need to do to withdraw from On Call?

· It is advisable to instruct the relevant line manger that you are taking part in lawful Industrial Action Short of a Strike as instructed by your Union.

· You should not respond to calls outside of your normal working hours with effect from Wednesday 24th August 2016.

Will this affect my Annual Incentive Plan Bonus?

The rules for 2015/16 set out the following and as this is not contractual (and cannot be argued as a breach of contract) then potentially the company may make deductions.

Industrial action
The underlying principle of the scheme is to reward employees for the achievement of thecompany’s performance targets. As a consequence, if you take part in industrial action during theperformance period you will put your eligibility to receive all or part of any bonus payment at risk.For every shift where you take part in industrial action your bonus payment will be reduced by20% prior to any individual performance distribution (if applicable).

If members are told that this will be applied, please inform us here as the TSSA are of the position that this would not apply to those taking this "Action Short of a Strike" whilst continuing to undertake your day to day commitments and shifts.

What should I do if any action is taken against me for withdrawing from On Call?

You should notify the TSSA Helpdesk as soon as possible on 0800 328 2673, the TSSA will support members whom are undertaking lawful industrial action if they are unlawfully treated for doing so.

What if I am not part of this dispite but being asked to cover On Call

Guidance for members not involved in this dispute can be viewed here

Can I join TSSA and take part in action short of strike?

Yes, as long as you join online via

If those in scope as above join TSSA they will receive the legal protections in respect of a lawful ballot for industrial action if the withdraw from On Call duties.

Other Important Information:

Please ensure that you keep up to date with the latest information and guidance on the TSSA Website at

Who’s my rep?

Follow this link If you or colleagues are interested in becoming a rep, you can find a nomination form here:

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