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Network Rail Bands 5-8 & Controllers Pay Update

6 December 2016

Having met with the company just a matter of weeks before Christmas, rather than hearing “Ho, ho, ho!” it was more like “No, no, no!”


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Company makes us an “Offer”!

Having met with the company just a matter of weeks before Christmas, rather than hearing “Ho, ho, ho!” it was more like “No, no, no!”

In fact, the only elements of our pay claim that they did respond positively to was to consider increases for those at the top of pay bands and the uplift of Regional Allowances for the first time since 2009 (in line with Bands 1-4). However unlike the unconditional increase for managers, they expect you to fund this increase out of the overall pay award.

The other main elements of our pay claim (an above inflation pay increase and a continuation of the No Compulsory Redundancy Agreement) have not been fulfilled in the company offer shown below:

· A four year deal with an increase on basic pay of 1.5% in each year, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
· Apply the Job Security proposal which has been jointly drafted with the Trades Unions and which offers every reasonable effort at redeployment, including retraining, in the event of a role being made redundant.

The above, being conditional on a number of “Proposals for change” outlined below:


Negotiations commence 11th January 2017.

This offer falls very short of our aspirations which you have mandated us to take forward. Having not undertaken any formal negotiations as yet we propose to discuss this with Area Council Reps at a meeting on 6th January 2017, ahead of our next meeting with the company.

Please ensure that you feedback your views to your reps so that this can be discussed in formulating our Union’s response at the next negotiations meeting.


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