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Network Rail Devolution of Central Functions Update for all members

12 October 2016

You will be aware of the process for Devolution which is currently under consultation Nationally within Network Rail. The changes will begin to be consulted at Central Functions and Route Area Councils.

Devolution of Central Functions

Update for all members

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From next week Area Consultations will be taking place in those Central Functions to consult "out" those specific business functionsinto Route Structures. Following this,separateRoute Area consultations will be taking place at the end of October onwards to consult "in" the various business functions to each route.


Please note that these changes do not impact on Maintenance Bands 5-8 and equivalent grades.

Consultation of impacted Staff

On 21 September TSSA workplace Reps and TSSA Organisers met with representatives of Network Rail to conclude consultations on the National Principles which will underpin the devolution of certain central functions.

A timetable for Area Consultation to consult out the Functions and then to consult into the Routes has now been released by Network Rail. As TSSA trade union Reps we will support all our members affected by these changes, provide advice to you and discuss your concerns to Network Rail through this difficult time.

Supporting our members - current timetable of information and advice sessions

A Pod in the street at QMK has been made available for our Full-time Release Reps to utilise as a “Drop in” centre. Please come and visit to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. You can also contact the TSSA Members’ helpdesk on 0800 3282673.

A “Drop in” Surgery for Eversholt Street members is planned for Wednesday 12th October and for Waterloo Staff on 13th October.

Your Full-time Release Representatives are:

Vince James: 07795646733: email

Anthony Lamb: 07771671899: email

Michael Currah: 07808245541: email

Functions Affected:

Devolution has been split into two phases. Due to the complexity and logistics the agreement is thateach business area will consult out independently and the receiving Routes will consult in on a Route by Route basis.

Phase 1 services are:

  • Employee Relations Advisors: Consulting out 20/10/16
  • Highways Interface: Consulting out 19/10/16
  • Contact and Communities: Consulting out 18/10/16
  • Route and Project Communications: Consulting out 18/10/16
  • Route Contracts and Procurement: Consulting out 18/10/16
  • Liability Negotiations: Consulting out 18/10/16
  • Assistant Engineers: (Energy and Carbon) Consulting out 18/10/16

Phase 2 services are:

  • Road Fleet: TBC
  • Workplace Management: TBC
  • Engineering Access Planning: Consulting out 25/10/16
  • Road Plant Support Engineers: TBC

Our mandate to negotiate!

The more members we have, the more powerful our voice is in setting the tone of negotiations at the bargaining table! Please take a couple of minutes to tell your colleagues the reasons they should join the TSSA at and ask them to come and talk to us.

Don’t be left out!

If you have colleagues who aren’t in a union yet, make sure they join before the negotiations begin. New members can have a say in how we negotiate for improvements.

If you aren’t in a union that’s recognised for your grade and you don’t want to be left out, join TSSA!

Lend a hand!

  • Share TSSA newsletters by email and office noticeboards
  • Tell your Rep how you feel

No Rep in your team? Nominate a colleague or volunteer yourself and ask members to nominate you to represent them. For details see

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