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Network Rail - Pay Progress

9 December 2019

Network Rail has agreed to suspend the performance pay matrix for Bands 1-4.

This sees an end to the mechanism by which most people have been prevented from receiving the full pay rise negotiated by the Union each year. Your performance rating will not be used to influence negotiated base pay increases in 2020.

TSSA has been pressing hard to achieve a fair and equitable pay structure for Bands 1-4 (and equivalent). After significant progress made following our pay dispute earlier this year, the new Network Rail leadership have acknowledged our fair challenge to a discredited reward system that actually disincentivises performance by capping pay rises for many staff with experience and ability.

We will be sitting down with the Company to negotiate a fairer way of rewarding you for your hard work.

This does not have impact on the one-off Company annual performance-related payment which is not guaranteed and is determined by the Company. TSSA is not involved in negotiations on the Company’s Annual Performance-Related Pay scheme and NR insist that this must still be calculated partly based on individual performance ratings.

Unsocial Hours / Additional Hours

TSSA believes that managers who are required to work unsocial hours and overtime should be paid accordingly. We achieved a major success this year in securing pay rises for Shift Station Managers and ensuring they were properly paid for all the hours they work – including Sundays.

We have been negotiating with the Business to reach a collective agreement that will provide for additional payments for other roles reflecting the commitment of staff to running a 24/7 railway.

Network Rail’s labyrinthine pay structure and the sheer number of local arrangements and work-arounds have presented a major challenge in finding a solution that is fair and that works across different business areas.

While constructive talks continue, many people in operational roles are still not being paid for nights, weekends and additional hours required by the Company. Network Rail has agreed with us that, in recognition of the patience shown by people in these key roles, primarily within Maintenance Engineering, a goodwill payment will be made amounting to £200 per pay period for the next 6 months. TSSA and NR will be working hard to agree a permanent solution to the problem by 01 July 2020.

Pay Differentials

NR continues to face challenges in recruiting and retaining staff in a number of areas. TSSA has consistently said that one of the key issues is the erosion of pay differentials and the failure of previous NR leaders to recognise the value of managerial roles.

This year has seen a step change in the Company attitude, and we are now working together to find a fairer and more effective pay structure. Meanwhile, TSSA members working as Local Operations Managers (LOMs) have very legitimately raised the issue of new LOMs being recruited on higher salaries than the experienced staff in post because NR could not attract people on the salaries being offered!

Your Union has taken forward these claims at National level and NR has agreed to review LOM salaries and provide uplifts where required. However, this is an interim measure. We are engaged in a joint review of key operational roles; the work that is required, the hours being undertaken and where salaries need to be positioned in the longer term. We expect the outputs of this review to become clearer over the next few months.

Winning together

Your Reps believe we are making steady progress in tackling the major structural issues with pay across Bands 1-4. Albeit, we are having to deal with the problems one group at a time.
This year TSSA broke the cycle of below inflation pay rises, secured Sunday pay for SSMs, we have agreed suspension of the performance matrix, begun to tackle differentials and unsocial hours payments, and eroded some of the most obvious pay discrepancies.

We know there is still a long way to go, and with our membership is growing – up nearly 5% this year overall and up by 17% in QMK in the past 6 months –we have more Reps than ever before within management grades. Our influence is being felt and will continue to grow with your support and involvement.

TSSA is the Union for Railway Professionals. Together we are changing lives.


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