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No fascists at the North Eastern Railway war memorial!

30 May 2013

The English Defence League is planning a demonstration outside the rail workersÂ’ war memorial in York on Saturday, 1 June. Their protest also co-incides with the day of York LGBT Pride. Please endorse our statement abhorring the EDLÂ’s actions and join the counter protest on Saturday.

Send your endorsements and messages of support to:, and pass the word.
We deplore the EDL’s attempt to make political capital out of the murder of Lee Rigby, by demonstrating at the rail workers’ war memorial in York.
We saw their idea of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London last Monday, with drunken chanting, Nazi salutes, and outbreaks of violence.
We do not believe the EDL wants to come to York to honour Lee Rigby; they hope instead to whip up Islamophobic hatred.
It is especially offensive that they wish to do this at a monument dedicated to hundreds of rail workers, many of whom gave their lives fighting against fascism and racism.
We urge York trade unionists and others to defend the dignity of the monument by joining the peaceful protest against the EDL starting at 1.30pm on Saturday 1st June at the North Eastern Railway war memorial, Station Rise (next to the new council offices).


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