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Northern (Arriva Rail North) 2019 Pay Agreed for Clerical, Supervisory and P&T Staff.

7 November 2019

Your negotiating team, alongside colleagues from our sister unions RMT and Unite, met with your employer yesterday (6th of November) in an Avoidance of Dispute meeting to address the long running saga of the 2019 pay offer.

You will recall that when we last met with the company on the 4th October they made what was deemed the final offer of 2.75%. This offer was put to a referendum of members and 70% of the returning vote rejected the offer. This same sentiment was echoed by members of both the RMT and Unite.

As a result of yesterday’s meeting I am pleased to report that the company listened to what we had to say and returned with a much improved offer of 3% or £800 (whichever is the greater) backdated to the 7th April 2019.

This was felt by all unions present to be a far better offer and one that was inline with our members expectations.

This year’s pay talks have dragged on for an unacceptable amount of time. The cut off for your next pay run is Monday 11th of November.

Now we have a deal we are keen to ensure that the pay increase and backpay is applied as soon as possible, as such your negotiating team have formally accepted the offer.

£800 uplift equates to the following …

GRADE: % equivalent

TPO 4.58

TPL 3.93

Service Team 3.3

RO2 3.95

RO2S 3.8

Clerical Officer/ Support 1/2 3.58

Clerical Officer/ Support 3 3.3

Retail Supervisor A 3.45

Retail Supervisor B 3.21

Fleet 1 3.36



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