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Petitition to Renationalise ScotRail

13 December 2018

A petition calling on the Scottish government to end the contract with Abellio and renationalise ScotRail has received hundreds of signatures in just four days.

The petition launched by TSSA rail union comes at the end of scotRail’s worst ever year for punctuality since privatisation began in Scotland, 21 years ago.

And it follows news that fares are set to rise again in the new year even though the service is widely anticipated to get worse yet in 2019.

TSSA along with other unions, members of all political parties and passengers groups have repeatedly called on the Scottish government to terminate Abellio’s contract. But pleas to Scottish Transport minister Michael Matheson fall on deaf ears.

More than 600 people have added their name to our petition to register their disappointment that Abellio is left to get away with this rigged rip off.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes, TSSA leader, said “How much more do ScotRail passengers have to put up with before the SNP government will take action?

“Over one hundred trains were cancelled on the first day alone of ScotRail’s new timetable. This comes on the back of months of rail misery with overcrowded or late running trains.

“And just last week ScotRail cancelled their Kids Go Free Scheme, adding insult to injury to hard working parents who already have to fork out for an above-inflation price rise on their tickets.

“Michael Matheson can talk the talk, but the reality is that he gave Abellio a 12 month licence to fail in June when he cancelled their targets. That ain’t how you stand up for passengers. Not surprisingly, free from fear of penalties Abellio have continued to fail.

“ScotRail passengers aren’t willing to sit – or more likely stand - and take it any longer. They are signing our petition in their hundreds and I predict these numbers will grow exponentially over the coming Winter of Rail Misery.”


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