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Re: TSSA Protective Award Claim against Thomas Cook

28 November 2019

Letter to Retail Shop Staff Dear TSSA member We write to confirm that if you were assigned to/worked at a retail store with less than 20 employees, TSSA will not be pursuing a Protective Award claim on your behalf.

TSSA will not pursue arguments that the number of staff assigned to stores within a town, area or region should be aggregated, either due to cluster arrangements or otherwise, as these arguments do not meet TSSA’s funding criteria.

TSSA has made this decision based on an analysis of recent case law, including re-cent Court of Appeal and European Court of Justice decisions.

Therefore, if you were assigned to/worked at a retail store with less than 20 employ-ees and you wish to pursue a Protective Award claim, you must take your own advice and/or secure your own representation, at your own cost. TSSA will not be taking any action on your behalf to do so, nor will their solicitors, Morrish Solicitors.

If you wish to take action you must do so within 3 months (less one day) of the date you were made redundant. So, if your employment ended on 23 Septem-ber 2019, you must take action on or before 22 December 2019. If you miss this deadline you will automatically be prevented from pursuing a claim.

We are sorry we cannot assist you further.

Yours sincerely

Tony Wheeler

TSSA Organise 

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