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Report highlighting GTR management failings published

13 October 2016

Welcoming the Parliamentary Transport Committee's report published this morning, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"The frank honesty with which the Transport Committee's Report details the numerous GTR management failings on Southern vindicates all we've said about aggressive and brutal management strategies designed to cream profits from passengers without any commitment to guarantee them either train services or protect their customer service standards.

"It is clear now to everyone reading this this report that GTR management have deliberately maligned rail-unions and bashed our members for the problems of their making. They have even gone so far as to accuse my members of causing delays by being deliberately sick.

"This report completely vindicates Southern's hardworking staff. Chief Exec, Charles Horton must now stop the spinning against staff and start apologising to them for slandering them for saying trains were delayed orcancelled trains because staff were deliberately sick.

"The report is clear that it is Southern who have been in breach of their contractual obligations and MPs are rightly skeptical about GTR's ability to fix their rail delivery targets at Southern.

"There has of course been no problem with them hitting their profit target which saw them notch up a staggering £100million. This is too high a reward for failure. The DfT must now stop the rot, strip GTR of the franchise take Southern into direct public control.

"Let's keep the profits public too and being reinvesting them in A People's Railway. If the DfT isnt willing to do that, then London Mayor Sadiq Khan is, so let a new People's Railway begin with Labour's London Mayor!"


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