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TSSA Responds to Labour Leaders Speech

28 September 2016

Endorsing Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool this afternoon, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"The Labour Party has always been and continues to be a broad church. Since 1900 Socialists of different traditions have come together with Social Democrats with the sole purpose of ensuring a Labour Party in which we all have a stake, wins elections so we can get on with the business of creating the fairer, more equal Britain we all strive for.

"No one has a monopoly on wisdom and we must now use all of the talents within and across our Party to defeat Theresa May and the party she leads. Jeremy is right, when he says the trench warfare must now end,

"This is not a vacuous call for unity, it's what must happen if we are to get to build those 60,000 council houses that Jeremy has promised and the fairer world everyone in our Party wants to see and to deliver a Labour Government at the next General Election"

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