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"ScotRail HR Director guilty of bullying sexism and union-busting" - Cortes

22 January 2020

TSSA today blasted ScotRail HR Director Gerry Skelton after he subjected a woman union officer to a tirade of abuse and banned her from the company's headquarters.

The incident occurred whilst TSSA Organiser, Claire Johnston was carrying out a pre-arranged recruitment visit in ScotRail’s head office.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said, “Our union is recognised for bargaining in ScotRail Headquarters and our Organiser was within her rights to carry out recruitment there. But when she stayed a few minutes longer than agreed, Gerry Skelton hauled her into his office and began shouting at her so loudly that people outside the room could hear, before banning her from the building.

“If Gerry wanted Claire to leave then he should have had a quiet word with her. Instead he tried to bully and humiliate a woman, carrying out her professional duties, by shouting and balling at her, in front of witnesses. Our union has never stood for sexism and bullying from ScotRail and we will not do so now.
“I have already complained to ScotRail’s boss Alex Hynes about his Director’s behaviour. We expect nothing less than a full and sincere apology for his behaviour from Gerry Skelton.
“As for this attempt to exclude our union from his offices it is nothing short of union-busting. If he thinks he can deprive his staff of their lawful right to join a union, he has another think coming.
“We have previously raised with the Transport Minster and Nicola Sturgeon the need to tackle bullying and sexism within our rail industry. Time for them to act to ensure measures are in place to make this type of behaviour a thing of the past.”

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