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ScotRail People's Petition

9 December 2018

ScotRail is excelling itself – at failing you, the travelling public.

Sadly this is not a rarity but a daily occurrence and that’s why we’ve stepped up the campaign for a publicly owned ScotRail by launching a People’s Petition so you can have your say on the issue.

In just a few days the petition has already had fantastic support and that reflects how the people of Scotland feel about the state of your railway, and it really should be YOUR railway, run for people not profit.

Things have got to change. We can’t go on like this, with fares set to rise in Scotland by almost three per cent in January, despite the worst year or service on record for passengers since privatisation.

To add insult to injury ScotRail have even done away with the Kids Go Free scheme – so that’s a double whammy for working parents who rely on trains to visit family at weekends.

We’ve seen slower, later and less reliable trains since Abellio ScotRail took over the franchise in 2015. It’s outrageous, it’s a rip-off, but it does not have to be this way.

By signing our petition you can send a signal to Transport Minister, Michael Matheson, who for reasons only he understands recently abolished the penalty system intended to keep ScotRail accountable.

At a recent Holyrood debate on using the break clause in the contract the SNP actually sided with the Tories to keep Abellio in charge; this on the same day that ScotRail admitted to needing a £23 million bailout.

They’d like you to forget this, but the SNP committed to a public bid for the ScotRail franchise in their 2016 manifesto. It’s now clear they have no intention of delivering that.

Just think what ScotRail could do in public hands: together we could invest in better, newer and more reliable stock, meaning commuters across Scotland would finally have trains they could rely on.

Our union will always stand up for what’s best for Scottish rail passengers and workers and we know that as passengers you deserve better than higher prices for poorer services. Enough is enough. Sign the petition and together we can end the excuses for a second-class railway and get Scotland back on track.

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