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Scottish Government should put Serco's Sleeper Passengers first

8 December 2019

TSSA today blasted Transport Secretary Michael Matheson for failing to protect Scottish passengers after Caledonian Sleeper admitted its service had been "unsatisfactory"

Manuel Cortes, TSSA Leader said “Between mid September and 12 October only 63% of services between London and Edinburgh were on time. Yet all that’s happened is Serco have agreed an “improvement plan”. If “improvement plans” in ScotRail are anything to go by Serco have nothing to fear by failing to meet the terms of that plan – just like they’ve faced no penalty for failing the terms of their franchise agreement. This is supposed to be Matheson’s job but he bottles it every time.

“The Scottish government is once again bailing out failing private train operators rather than putting passengers first. It's an absolute disgrace but shows that like the Tories, the SNP both put profits and privateers before Scottish rail passengers. Only Labour offers the real change by running our railways in the interests of passengers and taxpayers - not profits. Vote Labour on December 12 to make this happen.

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