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September 2016 EC summary

27 September 2016

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee held on 15 and 16 September 2016

Apologies were received from Steve Andrews, Cheryl O’Brien, Andi Fox and Gerry Kennedy (all annual leave)

Industrial relations

Network Rail ‘on call’ dispute - action short of strike, with members refusing to participate in any ‘on call’ activities, is currently taking place.

Eurostar - Talks at ACAS aimed at resolving the dispute amongst Train Managers over rostering disparities with colleagues based in Belgium and France have yielded an offer from the employer, which has been accepted by members.

Dublin Bus - TSSA members took part in strike action last week as part of their ongoing dispute. Our members have rejected a 8.25% pay offer (workers have not received a pay rise for over eight years) and consultation with members will continue regarding escalating industrial action.

Govia Thameslink - TSSA members have been balloted for industrial action in a dispute over the closure of 34 ticket offices and the loss of 46 jobs. Talks have been held at ACAS and an offer has been made by the employer.

London Midland - following action short of strike on the part of Driver Managers on London Midland, members voted via a referendum to accept the offer made by London Midland for a two-step in-crease in salary. The dispute was over pay differentials with Train Drivers.

Caledonian MacBrayne - Members are in dispute over pay and erosions in their terms and condi-tions. The EC authorised the General Secretary to ballot TSSA members on CalMac for industrial action and further authorised the GS to call members out on action should it become necessary.

TSSA Democracy

The Executive Committee agreed that a call for nominations be made for the position of General Secretary. The nomination period would run from 16th September to 26th October 2016, with the balloting period running from 3rd November to 30th November 2016.

The Executive Committee have received further written responses to TSSA Circular 130, which invited views on a proposal of a rule change whereby branch representation at Conference will be determined on the basis of not more than one delegate for each 300 members or fraction of 300, but no branch may send more than four delegates. The EC have decided to reflect further on the feedback given and consider the concerns of smaller branches before putting a report before next year’s Annual Conference.

The Executive Committee has also reflected on feedback from branches on the proposed changes to our Rule Book. It is apparent that there is no clear consensus of views on these proposals other than branches require more time to absorb the proposed changes. It was decided by the EC that the Special Delegates’ Conference scheduled for November would not take place and that consul-tation with branches would continue. A circular to all branches will follow.

Organising, Membership and Strategy

The Executive Committee was furnished with the minutes of the last Communications Working Party meeting which took place at the end of August. The Treasurer stated that it was clear that social media would form the foundation of any communications strategy going forward and asked for suggestions for new members of the CWP with knowledge and experience of use of social media. Those interested in joining the CWP can contact Jason Turvey at

Membership continues to decline, albeit slowly. Updates were invited from EC members on work that had been taking place in their respective divisions on our Time to Grow strategy. Of note was the good work carried out in the LT Division, with a recruitment strategy put in place to increase membership in bus depots across London.

It was also agreed that London Bus Operators would be renamed London Bus and Rail Operators Branch.


SERTUC - the EC discussed a proposed change which would alter SERTUC’s Rule 13, which covers the composition of the Regional Council and specifically the gender balance of that council. It was agreed that a response would be sent to SERTUC indicating TSSA’s broad support of the proposal, but would express our unions view that further work must be done to ensure that BAME members are afforded every opportunity to join the Regional Council.

Unions 21 - it was agreed that, as Unions 21 meetings usually took place between the hours of 1000 and 1500, it was extremely difficult for the nominated EC member to attend. It was agreed that the Assistant General Secretary should attend future meetings provided that other work com-mitments allowed.


It was agreed that Keeley Lipscombe (FutureTSSA SOG) would be part of TSSA’s delegation to the International Transport Federation Conference in Brussels on 5th to 9th December. Keeley will join Stephen Lawrence (Scotland), Gerry Kennedy (Ireland) and the General Secretary in this delegation.


Walkden House is likely will be compulsorily purchased in connection with High-Speed 2 construction work in the area surrounding London Euston station. Appropriate steps are being put in place to manage this compulsory purchase and to move to a new building in due course.

The following requests for donations/sponsorship were agreed:

• Fobzu - Promoting Palestine Access to Education - £50
• Survival - the Global Movement for Tribal Peoples’ Rights - £50
• Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East - £200

This is a brief summary. For further details, please contact your Executive Committee member.

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