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Shapps Must Stop Meddling Over South Western Dispute

3 December 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has accused Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, of "meddling in industrial disputes" after the Conservatives sought to politicise the ongoing strike action on South Western Railway.

Cortes accused the Tories of playing politics with a legal trade dispute - between our sister union the RMT and the Company - over Guards on trains in the middle of a general election campaign.

Shapps had appeared to try to blame Labour for the dispute in comments released by the Tories.

Cortes said: “If he has any sense Shapps will stop meddling in a legal dispute. It appears both parties had brokered a deal which would have ended this dispute.

“Sadly, it looks like Shapps’ fingerprints are all over the Company's unwillingness to sign up to a deal it had agreed. He's proving to be as useless and vindictive as Failing Chris Grayling.

“The Tories are playing politics over this issue for no other reason than they hope to capitalise in the general election. Let’s be frank – they have no interest in the welfare of working people, or their safety, on our railways.

“There’s only one party with a long-term costed plan to end the daily misery for millions on our trains. The Labour Party will end the fares rip off and bring our railways back under public control after two decades of failed privatisation which consistently puts profits before people.”   

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