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SNP Government need to stop bailing out ScotRail

18 December 2018

As ScotRail hit franchise-breaching performance levels again last month, TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes today demanded the SNP Government stop bailing out ScotRail and issue a Remedial Plan Notice.

The news came after ScotRail passengers endured an average of 80 trains cancelled per day in the first week of ScotRail’s new winter timetable.

Manuel said, “Abellio ScotRail have been celebrating Christmas every day this year after Matheson abdicated his responsibility and allowed them to win heads or tails when he waived his right to fine them.

“I know it goes against the grain, as so far he has let them off scot free. But Matheson should be more like Scrooge going forward and demand that either Abellio meet their targets or hand back the ScotRail keys. Time for him to get tough.”

Notes to Editors:

TSSA have launched a petition calling on the government to end the franchise with Abellio and bring the railway back into public ownership which was signed by over 700 people in the first week. The petition is at

Yesterday ScotRail’s Public Performance Measure (PPM) plummeted to just 77.8%. The Moving Annual Average (MAA) PPM sits at 87.3%, the worst of the franchise

ScotRail’s performance fell below breach level (4 percentage points below target) in Reporting Period 7 (September 16th to October 13th) but the Scottish Government agreed to issue a waiver allowing ScotRail to fall an additional 1% below breach level until June 2019.

In Reporting Period 9 (November 11th to December 8th) their performance would have been below their new breach level if it were not for additional adjustments made for the Beast from the East.

According to the franchise agreement, Transport Scotland have the power to issue a Remedial Plan Notice if they think ScotRail have contravened, or are likely to contravene, any term in the Franchise Agreement.

Remedial Notice Plans require ScotRail to develop a Remedial Plan to be agreed by Transport Scotland (from then on a Remedial Agreement). If the Remedial Agreement is unsuccessful, the issue could be seen as “unremedied” leading to an Event of Default, which if then unremedied could result in a Termination of the contract

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