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Strike action at ScotRail now on the cards

22 November 2018

TSSA will ballot beleaguered ScotRail staff on industrial action including strike action if the company's bosses fail to withdraw plans to outsource vital station maintenance and repair work.

TSSA, which represents white collar, managerial and skilled technical and engineering staff, investigated rumours that ScotRail wants to outsource their Property & Facilities Management department, responsible for overseeing and carrying out station maintenance, following a review recommendation from outsourcing firm by Capita.

ScotRail managers reluctantly confessed to their plan when pressed by TSSA Scotland Organiser, Gary Kelly. He then warned them that TSSA would not take the threat to staff responsible for overseeing vital maintenance and repair work across the network lightly and that industry actions, including strike action could follow.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, “What the hell do ScotRail think they can get away with next? Out-sourcing firm recommends outsourcing should come as no shock. What in heaven's name have ScotRail brought an outsourcing firm in for in the first place? Why are they meddling with staff responsible for maintaining safe stations? We all know outsourcing means cuts, cuts, cuts. We are not having them mess with rail safety.

"We've heard some rubbish from Abellio ScotRail over the last three years. But since Michael Matheson took over as Minister of Transport, its dismal record is spiralling lower than even we anticipated.

And let's face it, Abellio is not to blame for the mess that privatisation has created. The problems are structural and the SNP teamed up with the Tories in Holyrood to stop ScotRail from being taken back into public ownership. What a shameful act.
"Matheson has lifted their penalty targets and he's sneaked in the outsourcers which could potentially see jobs transferred south of the border. This is a rotten, corrupt way of doing government and it will have dire consequences for ScotRail jobs and industry and passenger safety.
"Either Matheson tells Capita to do one and tells ScotRail their maintenance and repair work is not for sale to the lowest bidder, or we will issue the ballot papers that will let ScotRail staff out on strike. It's not where I want to go, it's not where our members want to go, but it's what we are prepared to do to protect proper station maintenance work. The ball is in their court."

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