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Strikes cut Tube service by over 70%

5 February 2014

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said fewer than a third of normal tube trains were running during this morning's rush hour with "overwhelming" support for the action from his members.

He called on the London Mayor to enter into immediate peace talks and end "government by gimmick" in the capital.
"All we have is a fringe service in the outer suburbs with virtually the whole of central London dependent on a skeleton service. Over 70 per cent of the normal service is at a standstill.
"It is now time to end government by gimmick and for Boris to enter serious talks. His so called army of volunteers has turned out to be a phantom army as the scores of closed stations illustrate only too clearly.
"Londoners and the travelling public deserve better than this. We remain ready to talk immediately, any time, anywhere."

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