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TfL Tory lies site "an absolute disgrace" blasts TSSA

5 November 2020

Transport union TSSA has blasted a Conservative Party website masquerading as a neutral fact checking site as "an absolute disgrace".

Union leader Manuel Cortes has demanded the site, titled ‘Transport for London bailout facts’, be taken down immediately and said “the Tories should be ashamed”.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: “This politically-driven website full of lies is an absolute disgrace and should be taken down immediately. Londoners know that coronavirus has hit the whole country hard.

“While the Conservatives were happy to bail out the private train companies and keep funding them so they can pay shareholder dividends, their approach to Transport for London has been nakedly political. This is no time for such games and the Tories should be ashamed.”

The website’s ownership was exposed by the Guardian newspaper this morning. Despite efforts to be unbranded, the content of the site is overtly political with attacks on the Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and unsourced claims.

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