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Tory Plan To Reverse Beeching - Parody and Sham Says Cortes

15 November 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described as 'beyond parody' and a 'total sham' claims from the Conservative's that they will reverse the widespread 'Beeching' cuts to reinstate local railway lines.

The axe fell on numerous local lines and stations across the county in the highly controversial Beeching review of the 1960s, which signalled a move away from rail towards roads.

Cortes said: “What we are hearing today from the Party which has given us two decades of privatised chaos on our railways is beyond parody.

“The travelling public in their millions won’t believe a word the Tories say on the railways. This announcement is a total sham and Boris Johnson and his chums can’t be trusted.

“In recent years we have seen the collapse of the East Coast franchise, with others tottering on the brink, widespread timetabling chaos, rising ticket prices and overcrowded services – while they continue to drag their heels on HS2.

“It’s always jam tomorrow with the Tories whose promises will evaporate into thin air once in office – just as they have done with their promises over electrification back in 2015.

“There is only one party with a longstanding and serious pledge to invest in our railways, putting the network in public hands once more – and that is the Labour Party.

“The public, who suffer daily on the railways, will not be taken in by Tory bluster.” 

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