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Travel covid tests welcome but delay "absolutely disgraceful" says TSSA

8 January 2021

Transport and travel union TSSA welcomes today's government announcement that people travelling to Britain will need a negative Covid-19 test, but blasts the delay and cost on lives as "absolutely disgraceful".

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: “The introduction of compulsory testing for travellers arriving in Britain is welcome, but it is absolutely disgraceful how long it has taken the government to implement this blindingly obvious measure. We should have closed our borders in March and only reopened them to those who had tested negative for Covid within 72 hours of arriving in Britain.

“Testing was identified as a crucial tool in tackling the virus right at the start of the pandemic, before it even really hit our shores. By not implementing testing earlier this inept government has allowed thousands of infected people to enter the country unchecked, further spreading this deadly virus.

“The travel industry has been calling for mandatory testing for months to give passengers confidence, but the whole economy has now suffered through the lack of effective action on testing and sadly thousands of lives have been lost as a result.”

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