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TSSA Backs Momentum Findings on Brexit

6 November 2018

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes has backed findings from Momentum showing members overwhelmingly want Labour MPs to vote down any Brexit deal that fails to meet Labour’s six tests.

Key findings from the consultation by the Jeremy Corbyn supporting group showed 92 per cent of members want all Labour MPs to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Commenting, Manuel Cortes, said: “This is the bottom line. After eight years of Conservative austerity Britain does not need to be further broken by Brexit.

“Labour MPs are well aware of the party’s six tests, and if these are not met in full then they know they’d be voting for a deal which would hurt their own constituents. Of course, the best deal on offer is the one we currently hold and staying put shouldn't be ruled out.

The consultation also showed 81 per cent of Momentum members believe 'Brexit is likely to make things worse for their friends, family and community'.

On this Cortes said: “Here are the voices of Jeremy Corbyn supporters telling us straight that they fear for our future; that Brexit must be avoided and that if it is not it will cause pain all round.

"We should all sit up and take heed. Our Labour family is united in opposing this madness".

Another major point to emerge from the research shows the vast majority of Momentum members want a referendum on the terms of the deal if a General Election is not called.

Commenting, Cortes said: “There is a clear view among members that a popular vote is needed on the terms of any deal the Tory Prime Minister cobbles together.

“This is hardly surprising given the dogs’ breakfast the Tories have made of Brexit, but it’s better to listen and learn, and look before we leap.”

More than 6500 members took part in the the consultation.

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