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TSSA call strike at Cross Country Trains for Friday 26 January

15 January 2018

TSSA members employed as managers in Cross Country that are not covered by collective bargaining have delivered a clear verdict on the unfair 1% pay increase they have received from the company.

 In a turnout of 78%, 50 members (71.4% of those voting) voted for strike action, with 20 (28.6%) against, and 62 (87.3% of those voting) voted for action short of a strike with just 9 (12.6%) voting against.

TSSA has therefore given notice of a strike on Friday 26 January 2018.

Discussions will take place during this week to decide if notice should be given of action short of strike action, and what form that action may take.

However, it is hoped that the company will now fully realise the depth of anger that exists amongst its managers and will enter into constructive discussions to resolve this dispute and avoid the necessity for those managers to take industrial action.

TSSA Organising Director Steve Coe said “this ballot is truly historic. It is unprecedented for railway managers, especially ones not covered by collective bargaining, to vote so decisively for action over pay.

“There is clearly a deep sense of injustice felt at the company giving its staff covered by collective bargaining a 3.3% pay increase, and then giving its managers a 1% increase after trying to hide its intentions for months.

“I am sure that managers in other Arriva Group TOCs will be taking a great deal of interest in this dispute given the fact that many of them have also received a 1% pay increase at the behest of the DB bosses in Berlin.”

TSSA's leader Manuel Cortes said, "Cross Country must now come to the negotiating table with an offer that doesn't treat this group of our members as second-class citizens. The company's top brass must understand that they have completely lost the confidence of its managers. It must act at once if it wants to avoid a strike and further damage to its reputation among senior staff".


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