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TSSA calls for public control of railways post-Brexit

18 October 2016

Commenting on Tory Transport Secretary Chris Graylings's summons to appear before Transport Select Commitee this afternoon, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"The Tories should be held to account for the failures of the UK rail industry to deliver for its passengers across Britain as well as those on Southern.
"And amongst the questions Grayling should be made to answer are, why won't the the Tory Brexiteers let the British public take back control of our railway and, why do they remain content for Britain to stay in Europe as it's major rail colony?
"Tory rail policy means that even after they trigger Article 50, the UK will remain the highest passenger fare paying nation in Europe and our country will remain a goldmine of profit for the state-rail nations of Holland, Germany and France who now operate huge chunks of the UK's rail network.
"It's why our railways must now be added to the Brexit list and taken back into British public control."

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