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TSSA Cheers Biggest Ever Rail Fares Cut As 'Massive Boost For Millions'

1 December 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed Labour's announcement that in Government it will cut rail fares by 33 per cent in England, describing this as "a massive boost for millions", which would be "cheered before, breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Marking the biggest ever cut in fares and saving the average commuter over £1000 a year, the policy proposals are a raft of measures aimed at boosting rail travel.

Cortes said: “This move will be cheered up and down the land, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will come as a massive boost for millions of passengers of all ages, and types of work.

“It’s the mark of real change being offered by a Labour Party fully on the side of those using our railways, who for too long have suffered a shoddy, fragmented, privatised service.

“Coming just days after we learned that yet again the public is to be fleeced next year in the great rail rip off, this policy makes clear to voters the choice they face on 12th December.

“They can continue with fares rising - by 2.7 per cent in 2020 – under the Tories; or they can vote for Labour, who will dramatically cut fares and put our railways back in your hands.”

Labour’s plans for an integrated railway under public ownership will:

Cut regulated rail fares by 33% from January 2020, saving the average commuter £1097 a year

Guarantee fair fares for part-time workers

Deliver a simple, London-style ticketing system across the nation

Make rail travel free for those 16 years old and under

Most commuter fares including peak time fares and season tickets are regulated fares, which make up almost half of all tickets sold, and will be reduced by 33 per cent, the biggest ever reduction in rail fares, to tackle the crisis of unaffordability on the railway and give relief to millions of rail commuters from years of excessive price rises. 

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