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TSSA Comment - Climate Protest Hits Public Transport

17 October 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has urged climate protestors to think again over attempts to disrupt public transport.

The comments come after commuters dragged climate change protesters from the roof of a London Underground train.

Extinction Rebellion activists climbed on trains at Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell during rush hour.

Cortes said: “I am extremely saddened that Extinction Rebellion protestors have today targeted London’s public transport network.

“I have seen pictures of protestors on the roofs of Tube trains. This is extremely dangerous not just for them but also for the travelling public.

“Let’s be frank, if we are going to effectively decarbonise we need more people using our public transport network and more investment in the green alternatives this provides.

“Earlier this week I signed a letter condemning the Metropolitan Police for banning peaceful climate protest.

“I have not changed my mind on this, but protestors should be mindful that what they have done today is simply inconvenienced ordinary working people trying to get on with their lives and trying to work on the most carbon emission friendly options available to them to date.

“Extinction Rebellion protestors should think very carefully about targeting public transport in the future. It's counter productive and it just sends a message that they don’t care when people are making the right decision by travelling on public transport."

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