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TSSA comment on Alex Hynes' pay

22 December 2018

Responding to evidence of Alex Hynes’ increased pay Manuel Cortes said “The 18 months since Alex started has seen ScotRail’s worst run of performance since privatisation in 1997. It’s ridiculous to find out that his pay has gone up by more than some of our members earn in a year. This is a slap in the face for ScotRail staff doing overtime over the Christmas period to make ends meet.

“Alex was the highest paid public servant in Scotland when he started and he’s now presiding over the biggest failure in public service in Scotland. No-one could say he deserved that payrise. He should waive future pay increases until Scotrail performs better, to show passengers he’s on their side, not that of his own bank balance betterment.

It’s not personal about Alex, it’s just that the buck for bad performance should stop with him and with Transport Secretary Matheson. Instead he’s been rewarded for presiding over a rail service that everyone in Scotrail, including the station cats, knows is being mismanaged. As fares go up in new year so will the heat on Hynes and Matheson who TSSA will continue to hold to public scrutiny

Nicola Sturgeon needs to take a long hard look at Scottish Transport, not just deliver soundbites at FMQs.


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