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TSSA Condemns ScotRail decision to drop human waste on railway track

30 October 2018

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes today condemned news that ScotRail’s 40-year-old High Speed Trains are dropping human excrement on the track, saying,

“Our union warned months ago that vintage High Speed Trains weren’t fit to be brought into service. Our members within ScotRail engineering warned that the problems with the toilets were going to need more than a bit of spit and duct tape to fix. But ScotRail management didn’t listen and pressed ahead with their plans to bring unrefurbished trains into operation.

“ScotRail MD Alex Hynes has claimed that ScotRail passengers are happy to have these museum pieces running on our railways and insisted that their launch was good news for commuters and tourists.

“Clearly Alex doesn’t understand that passengers want more than a cattle truck to take them from A to B. They want trains with working toilets. It’s not much to ask if you’re travelling from Edinburgh to Inverness or Glasgow to Perth. But, right now, the only way ScotRail’s “flagship” High Speed Trains can deliver that is to drop human effluence on the track.

“People working on the tracks, deserve better than to literally work in sh*t. This is the 21st century. ScotRail managers should hang their heads in shame and Matheson should do the decent thing and resign for allowing ScotRail's daily escalating shambles to happen on his watch.

“This latest scandal is just another illustration of the way Privateers put profits ahead of the well-being of our members and Scotland's passengers. Abellio holds complete contempt for ScotRail’s Franchise Agreement and Matheson is fully aiding and abetting them by waiving the penalty clauses. What an utter disgrace.
We must bring this unhygienic and disgusting practice to an early end as no one should be working surrounded by excrement”


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