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TSSA demands Transport Minister confirms he won’t break up CalMac

3 November 2018

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes today welcomed assurances from Transport Scotland that CalMac will not be broken up and demanded confirmation from Transport Minister Michael Matheson.

Cortes said “It’s great to see Transport Scotland rush to assure us that they don’t intend to take the recommendation in the letter from the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee (RECC). We will of course be holding them to their word.

“Will the Transport Minister Michael Matheson now back his civil servants and issue a similar assurance?

“It’s hard to trust that Matheson will do the right thing. He has form for playing politics in transport rather than doing what’s best for the services. Our members in British Transport Police know this only too well. They’re still suffering stress and uncertainty over their future as a result of his perverse decision to break up BTP.

“Scotland’s Islanders and Highlanders deserve better than years of uncertainty over their lifeline ferry services. As we said yesterday breaking up CalMac would be disastrous for those living on unprofitable routes.

“Matheson must now instruct the RECC to retract their recommendation to look at bundling the routes. Nothing less will provide the peace of mind on this issue that Scotland’s Islanders deserve.”

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