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TSSA members vote to accept TfL pay offer

27 August 2020

TSSA has written to Transport for London (TfL) this week to let the company know that our members have accepted the latest 'full and final' pay offer.

The vast majority of staff in pay bands 1-3 will be receiving a 2-3% pay increase and the union has additionally secured a clear commitment from TfL to restart the joint review of theflawed Pay for Performance system.


TSSA is the biggest union in TfL and ran a referendum on the offer, resulting in 95% of those who responded voting yes. The increase is now expected to be paid in November pay packets.


The offer includes:

• A base pay budget of 2% to be allocated in accordance with specified matrices

• A performance award budget of 2.25% (which is not negotiated)

• Pay for Performance Scheme Review - the review that commenced at the start of the year.


The offer provides almost 90% of staff in pay bands 1-3 with a pay rise of between 2-3%, which is significantly higher than the current rate of inflation (RPI was 1.6% for July 2020). It is also vastly improved on recent years’ settlements, with last year’s pay rise, for example, being just 1% - a pay cut in real terms.


TSSA's TfL Organising Director Lorraine Ward said: “I’m pleased that the improved pay offer we recommended to members has been overwhelmingly accepted and thank everyone who took part in the negotiations and pay referendum.


“This pay offer is an improvement on previous years, and this reflects the hard work of TSSA reps and members in lobbying for a better deal for TfL staff. Nonetheless, it does not rectify the last five years of below inflation pay rises, nor the ongoing issues with the deeply flawed Pay for Performance system, which is neither fair nor transparent.


“I’m pleased that as part of these negotiations, TSSA have a clear commitment from TfL to restart the joint review of PfP and we will push for this to resume as soon as possible.”


TSSA will continue to work with members to ensure that the review of PfP delivers a fair and transparent deal for all TfL staff.



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