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TSSA PublicScotRail petition smashes 10,000 target in less than a week

30 August 2017

A TSSA petition demanding that the Scottish government bring ScotRail back into public ownership has gained over twelve thousand less than a week two days of going on-line.

See the campaign video here

The petition was released on twitter on Wednesday afternoon alongside a light-hearted video commissioned by TSSA to highlight the absurdity of Scotland's nationalist government preside over rising fares in Scotland whist ScotRail profits are used to subsidise rail travel in Holland.

The ScotRail franchise was awarded by the Scottish government to Abellio, a subsidiary company of the Dutch government owned rail network Nederlandse Spoorwegen which nets a whopping £1million in profits each month from Scottish passengers

The video released on YouTube has received more than 300,000 hits since the launch last Wednesday lunchtime to ahead of a visit to Scotland by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who supports the case for nationalising rail companies.

Said TSSA leader Manuel Cortes:

"There's no getting away from it, the SNP are being rattled by the Corbyn effect. Jezza's visit to Scotland brought the politics of hope that things really can change in Scotland. Scotland is a country with a strong public service ethos and it's passengers detest the franchising system that's rigged to work in the interests of anyone but the Scottish people.

"TSSA's Campaign to bring Scotrail back into public ownership has real traction. Humza knows it. But he's dragging his heels on delivering it. This is the fastest growing petition in TSSA history. I said I'd deliver it in person if it made 10,000 signatures. We've far exceeded even our own targets and within less than a week. So I'l be booking that meeting in soon.

"With Jeremy Corbyn commitment to public investment in Scotland transforming the fortunes of Labour and Kezia Dugdale's resignation likely to lead to the election of a Scottish Labour leader committed to Jermy's radical 2017 Manifesto, it is no longer a matter of if ScotRail will be brought back into public ownership, it is when and how and who ends the crazy Tory system of rail franchising. If Humza can find the politicall will, he can claim the SNP broke the Tory franchise system. If not, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party will be more than waiting in the SNP's wings to finish the job Humza bottled."

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