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TSSA Reaction - German Financial Assistance For Condor

24 September 2019

Reacting to news that the German Government has brought Condor - part of the collapsed Thomas Cook business - back from the dead by injecting 380m Euros saving 4,900 jobs, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said:

'Unlike our Prime Minister the German government doesn't, for one second, think that using public money to save jobs is a moral hazard.

“Johnson should get rid of his undergraduate economic dogma and live, like the German government, in the real world. The problem isn't one of a moral hazard - it's the immorality of his government which won’t even lift its little finger to save 9000 jobs.

“The British assets of Thomas Cook must be taken into public ownership and just as the Germans have done, the Company can rise back from its ashes. If government intervention is good for the Germans, it should also be good for us too.”

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