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TSSA Reaction To Queen's Speech

14 October 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has attacked Boris Johnson over the Queen's Speech - where the Monarch delivers the text of the Government's proposed legislation - as "a pathetic publicity stunt".

Cortes accused the Prime Minister of “using our elderly head of state for his political advantage.”

At the State opening of Parliament in front of Peers and MPs the Queen outlined a number of Bills including on Brexit, the NHS and reform of the railways (widely thought to be scrapping of the rail franchise system -while ignoring calls for public ownership).

Commenting, Cortes said: “No-one will be fooled by today's pathetic publicity stunt by Johnson. It’s shameful he has resorted to using our elderly Head of State for his political advantage.

“Johnson’s Government has already lied to the Queen had Parliament unlawfully suspended and today he has once again attempted to use the Monarch for nothing more than a cheap party political broadcast.

"The truth is the measures in the Speech are much ado about nothing as the Government has no Parliamentary majority and a general election is on its way.

“Anything that falls short of full public ownership of our railways amounts to tinkering at the edges. The British travelling public have had enough of franchising – full stop.

“This unelected Prime Minister will soon face the music as the British public has had more than enough of almost a decade of Tory austerity – and want nothing to do with his proposed Trumpian deal Brexit.“

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