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TSSA To Campaign With Labour For a "Yes" Vote

8 May 2016

The TSSA rail union voted today to campaign for a "yes" vote in next month's European referendum.

Welcoming the decision at the union's conference in Eastbourne, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

"I am pleased that the TSSA will be campaigning alongside Labour to vote to remain in Europe. We both want progressive reform but we will not get the chance to build a better Europe unless we vote to remain on June 23."

Speaking after the vote, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said he would be joining the campaign trail with the Labour leader in the run up to the vote.

"No one is saying that the EU is perfect but it has delivered benefits for working people under the Social Chapter like paid holidays and parental leave.

"Does anyone think that a Tory government would not attack workers' rights and benefits once we were outside the EU? Of course they would destroy such rights, given the chance.

"We think our members would be worse off in the event of a UK exit and we want to see a reformed Europe that would be working in the interests of working people instead of capital."

He rejected the argument that the EU would prevent a future Labour government from re-nationalising the railways. No European directive would stop Labour taking back rail into public ownership.

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