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TSSA - Tory Manifesto 'Wafer Thin'

24 November 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has derided the Conservative manifesto as "wafer thin" while Boris Johnson "sounds like scratched record" on Brexit.

The Tories unveiled their manifesto in Telford, focussing on Brexit and with nothing new to say on public services and the problems facing workers after a decade of austerity.

Commenting, Cortes said: “This wafer thin offering from the Tories stands in stark contrast to Labour’s comprehensive and fully costed manifesto to reboot Britain.

“No serious Party would come to the table with so little to say. And on Brexit, Johnson just sounds like a scratched record.

“He may not be aware, but the Tories have been promising to get Brexit done for over three years. Saying it time and time again won't make it happen and simply makes him look like even more of an Eton educated buffoon.

“Johnson has no vision of how we build a better Britain or for the long-term health of our planet. Decarbonising by 2050 is simply too late.

“This hollow manifesto is no programme for government. It offers just £3bn per year increase in public spending over the course of parliament compared with £83bn from Labour.

“It’s likely to be as popular with the British people as his Tory predecessor, Lord North was with the Bostonians. He went on to lose the American colonies and Johnson’s level of incompetence is on the same scale.

“Only Labour has a manifesto of hope which will bring our communities together and offer real change for the many not the few.”  

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