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TSSA union demands public inquiry into latest Crossrail delay

6 January 2020

Responding to news that Crossrail won't now open until Autumn 2021 at the earliest, three years behind schedule, transport union TSSA is calling for a public inquiry and demanding that private contractors - not Londoners - pay the growing bill.

It’s also been revealed that the line through to Heathrow is not expected to open until December 2022, meaning significant delays to a major section of the line.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: “Long suffering London rail commuters are going to have to wait even longer to enjoy the 21st Century services that Crossrail will provide, with even greater delays to the Heathrow section that will make such a positive difference to cross-London travel.

“Surely there must now be a full public inquiry into why the operation of this vital piece of infrastructure is so badly delayed.

“The people behind this mess - the private contractors which have let London down - must fully foot the growing bill for this delay rather than it being, as I fear, passed on to Londoners.”

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