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TSSA Welcome ScotRail decision not to increase services after unions raise safety concerns

13 May 2020

TSSA today welcomed news that ScotRail have decided not to increase rail services after rail unions raised concerns about staff safety.

All four rail unions have negotiated an industry wide safety standard with the Rail Industry Coronavirus Forum (RICF) which includes representatives from Abellio and Network Rail and want to see that standard implemented in Scotland before services, and staff numbers in work, are increased.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said, "Our reps tell me we are currently running ghost trains on ScotRail. There’s no demand for additional services.

“And as Nicola Sturgeon has, quite rightly, chosen not to ease the lockdown, unlike Boris Johnson's mixed messages and his incoherent stance, there will be no increase in demand. We simply don’t need more train services at this time.

“Our union has repeatedly made it clear that we will not agree to any increase in services until the Health and Safety of our members and the travelling public is assured in line with RICF guidelines. To date, we are not satisfied that this is the case.

“Had Transport Secretary Michael Matheson invited us and our sister unions to his Rail Recovery Taskforce, as we asked, we could have told him that there. Instead he and his taskforce made decisions about increasing rail services without input from the trade unions that represent the workforce – the people on the ground – and now they’ve had to reverse those decisions. Michael Matheson should have the decency to admit his mistake and invite our union to play a full part in planning the future recovery of the rail industry in Scotland.”
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