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TSSA welcomes bonus decision - but too late for Elsenham families

6 February 2012

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, welcomed the decision by NR bosses to donate their six figure bonuses this year to improving safety at level crossings.

"We said last week that it beggared belief that NR could be talking about a multi million long term bonus scheme within days of admitting criminal behaviour over the deaths of two school girls at Elsenham six years ago.

"That tragedy only happened because it refused to spend £2 million on a new bridge at the level crossing despite an internal safety report demanding such action.

"This decision is sadly too little, too late for the parents of the girls who tragically died. But we welcome it as the first step in the direction of the executive directors starting to put safety and the passengers ahead of their own handsome rewards."

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