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TSSA Welcomes Transport For London Emergency Funding

14 May 2020

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed the announcement of a £1.6bn Government emergency funding package for Transport for London (TfL).

The move comes after London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, had warned the body was close to running out of money as a result of the Coronavirus.

Cortes, the rail and transport boss, said: “It’s good that the government is giving TfL additional resources so that services don't start coming to a halt.

“Sadly, as we face a health emergency, the Tory Government have been playing political games with public transport in London. They clearly have it in for a city that has little time for them too.

“The privateers running our railways were given a lavish bailout at the start of our health emergency. They are now making a profit for running virtually empty trains as our taxpayers foot the bill for all their costs.

“Londoners aren't treated anywhere near as well as the fat cat privateers running our railways. Instead, they get an injection of cash with strings attached including a loan which needs to be repaid and higher fares to come.

“Hopefully, come next May, London will repay the Tories by making sure they are trounced at the GLA and Mayoral elections.” 

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