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'Vote Labour to Avoid Johnson Nightmare' - Manuel Cortes' Final Campaign Message

11 December 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has urged the British public to "vote for hope" by backing Labour on Thursday and avoid the "nightmare" of Boris Johnson returning to Downing St.

In his final campaign message before polls open on Thursday morning Cortes said: “Our country has a straight choice between a Labour Government which will leave no one in our society behind, or serial liar Boris Johnson in Downing St.

“Johnson is determined to sell off our NHS, further privatise our public services in an act of turbo-charged Thatcherism, erode workers’ rights and push through the hardest of hard Brexits which will trash our economy. We have just hours left to save our NHS and only a vote for Labour will do that.

“Our NHS is too precious to let Johnson and Trump anywhere near. Our economy will tank if Johnson gets his hard Brexit – and that will mean more expensive goods in our shops, and the very real threat to jobs up and down the country.

“Re-electing Johnson won’t just mean a nightmare on Downing St, it will be a nightmare on your street!

“Instead you have the chance to elect a Labour Government which will end the privatisation of our NHS, and the cuts to our schools. Labour will put public services and transport, including our railways, back in public hands.

“Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will sort Brexit, save or NHS and end at once the long, destructive years of Tory austerity. Labour would be a Government truly on your side, for the many not the few.

“This is the most important general election in decades. Make sure you vote Labour on Thursday - and vote for hope.”

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