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"Who refuses to go to ACAS?" -TSSA lambasts CalMac

17 November 2020

TSSA has lambasted CalMac for refusing ACAS talks in order to resolve their pay dispute.

The union has gone into dispute with CalMac after members turned down a 0.5% pay offer, branding it “Scrooge-like”. The ferry company made a profit of £7million in 2019.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said “I’m disappointed that CalMac have opted not to use ACAS’ services in order to resolve the pay dispute with us.

“We offered, in good faith, to go to ACAS with CalMac to find a solution to our pay dispute without having to jeopardise lifeline ferry services to our vulnerable island communities.

“But CalMac have refused, instead sticking to their miserly 0.5% pay offer.

“Who refuses independent conciliation talks with ACAS? If CalMac genuinely thought their offer was fair they wouldn’t be afraid of sharing their reasoning with ACAS.

“Our representatives have asked repeatedly for CalMac to share their financial records with us to prove they can’t afford a fairer pay rise but CalMac hasn’t responded.

“The ball is in CalMac’s court now. We’ve asked for conciliation and they’ve refused. We’ve asked for them to negotiate a fairer settlement with us and they’ve refused. If CalMac care about providing a lifeline service to our island communities and avoiding a strike, then they know where we are.”


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