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Yet more scandalous Network Rail bonuses

9 April 2013

The TSSA today attacked Network Rail over its decision to award four directors long term bonuses of £600,000.

Manuel Cortes, union General Secretary, said: "This is rewarding failure on a grand scale. For the second year running, Network Rail have missed their punctuality targets and still awarded themselves massive long term bonuses.
"The timing looks like Tom Kelly (the former Number 10 Press Secretary who is now Network Rail's head of PR) has lost little of his ability to try and bury bad news. He has used the arrangements for Mrs Thatcher's funeral as a cover to try and a avoid passenger outrage.
"As passengers faced a 4.2 per cent fare increase in January, they will be puzzled why the people who cannot make their trains run on time are rewarding themselves with taxpayers' money. This is yet another Great Train Robbery."

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