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General help

Trouble registering?

Your username can be anything of your choice - your name, your email address, membership number or a memorable word - it must however not match the username of an existing user. Your membership number is four to six digits long and printed on most correspondence we send you. If you do not know it, please ring our Helpdesk. Make sure your surname is spelled correctly and your email address is valid. Enter your date of birth entered in day-month-year order. Your password must be at least six characters long and entered into both the main and confirmation boxes so that they match.

Once you have seen a message saying you have registered successfully, you can log in straght away using the username and password you have chosen.

Login problems?

As long as you know your membership number and we have your correct surname and date of birth, you can change both your username and password without knowing either of them. Just visit the password reset page to pick new details.


For union officers

For help in starting to use MyTSSA, please see one of the following video guides: