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MyTSSA for Branch Officers: Accessing details of your members

1.    Go to MyTSSA - either by searching for MyTSSA or visiting

The link is also available in the header of every page on the TSSA website.

2.    Log in, either using the ‘Login with Facebook’ function, or with the username and password you have previously created on the site.

If you have not already registered, click ‘Register now’ or use 'reset your username and password' if you have forgotten your details.
3.    All membership-related functions are accessed by selecting ‘My Membership’ from the header of the page.

4.    The initial page relates to your own record. To access your branch or other roles, select ‘Roles’ on the left hand side.

5.    If you have multiple roles (as a branch officer, rep, SOG officer etc.) you will see a section relating to each of them. The options you see within each section will relate to your specific role, for instance a Correspondence Secretary will see different options to a Finance Secretary.


6.    To access lists of members, select ‘Search members’. This allows you to search both for specific individuals, groups of members, or access a list of all members in your branch.


7.    To search for an individual, simply type their name in to the appropriate field. If you are unsure of part of someone’s name as it will be in the database, use a % sign to signify ‘wildcard’ unknown characters – for instance entering ‘J%’ as a surname will return everyone whose surname begins with ‘J’.

8.    To search for all members, simply leave all the fields blank, or filter down using the drop down menus and leave the ID and surname name blank to search for all members in this category.


9.    You can download a spreadsheet of all members in the current selection by selecting ‘Create CSV file’ which you can then download and process further.


Important: Data Protection

Members entrust their details to TSSA on the basis that they will not be misused or handled inappropriately. It is vitally important that you uphold data protection at all times. Detailed guidance is available on the website of the Information Commissioner at but the most important points your should uphold at all times are that:

  1. Data should only be used for official TSSA business in your branch officer role. It is not to be used for personal matters or when you are not acting in your branch officer capacity (for instance to canvass for support in internal elections when this is not the position of the branch).
  2. Data should never be exposed to those not authorised to see it. This includes other member – for instance in sharing a membership list, or sending emails with all other members’ details visible in the distribution list. Always use ‘BCC’ to send to your general membership.
  3. Data should always be kept secure – both electronically and on paper. Do not permanently leave them on any insecure area, such as a company shared drive or on an unencypted memory stick which may get lost. Destroy all paper copies when they are no longer needed.
  4. Keep data up to date. Members come and go, move job, house and change their details. Both for solid organising reasons, as well as to uphold our data protection obligations, you should regularly update your lists from MyTSSA and update or alert us to any inaccuracies you are aware of, including where members are now deceased.
  5. Follow all requests from members and pass them on where appropriate. The details belong to members and we should respect their wishes. If someone asks to be removed from a mailing list, you must ensure this happens.