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MyTSSA for Branch Officers: Publishing information

MyTSSA group pages allow authorised officers and reps to easily add news, events and other information about your branch, employer or other union structure or interest group.

1.    Go to MyTSSA - either by searching for MyTSSA or visiting

The link is also available in the header of every page on the TSSA website.

2.    Log in, either using the ‘Login with Facebook’ function, or with the username and password you have previously created on the site.

If you have not already registered, click ‘Register now’ or use 'reset your username and password' if you have forgotten your details.
3.    Your groups for your branch and employer will be listed in the header. Either access these directly, or for other groups, select ‘My Groups’.


4.    After reaching the desired group, you will see a number of tabs:
• News – for posting news updates, with newer updates pushing older ones down the page
• Events – shows upcoming events – branch meetings, wider TSSA events
• Discussion – allows free flowing discussions posted by members
• Pages – for static web pages, such as listing who the branch officers are
• Documents – for Word and Excel documents etc. such as branch standing orders

If your membership record records your branch role and this is amongst those given permission to post items, you should then see a button below the tabs to the right such as ‘Add article’ or ‘Add event’. If this does not appear, please get in touch with TSSA’s membership department to discuss whether your role should have this permission.


5.    You can post news, events etc. by filling in the form and clicking add. If you go into an existing item, you can also edit or delete it.